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You Can’t Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life If You Keep Rereading The Last One

So my guess is that you want a lot more out of life right now?

Perhaps more time, more fun, more money, more security, healthier relationships, or greater opportunities at work. 

Conversely, it could be that you're seeking less: 

  • Less to do.

  • Fewer distractions.

  • Less worry.

  • Less anxiety.

  • Fewer negative influences.

  • Less obligation.

  • Less boredom. 

I get it. The past few years have been incredibly draining.

Often we try a reset at the New Year. But did you know that around February, 80% of people let go of their new goals, desires, or resolutions?  It doesn’t have to be New Year’s resolutions or goals - a life reset can take place at any time of the year.  However, the stats are the same - about 80% will let go of their reset goals within 2 months.

My theory is that most people give up because these aspirations don't align with their core values.

For instance, let's say you aim to travel more this year, thinking, "This is the year I'll finally explore." You might plan some trips but end up hardly traveling by year-end. Why does that happen?

Chances are, the desire to travel represents a deeper need in your soul. However, travel alone might not fulfill that need.

It could be that you truly crave freedom. If you feel a lack of control in certain aspects of your life, you might believe that traveling will grant you that sense of agency. But if travel isn't aligned with your core values, it won't provide the fulfillment you seek.

When you set new intentions, aligning them with your values significantly increases your chances of achieving them. Otherwise, they just become well-intentioned ideas that fizzle out by February.

Let's break that cycle.

Take steps now to identify your values, enabling you to genuinely pursue what you want.

If this sounds like you, schedule a Discovery Call and let’s get going.


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