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What People are Saying:

“Lisa is able to bring a seemingly complicated subject into focus and to help everyone understand it and apply that knowledge in their daily lives.  She is understanding and knows that we are all trying our best yet she gently encourages you to do even better.  She was able to help me see different approaches to everyday issues.  I am forever grateful for her guidance.”

Erin Lapointe, Flourish Health and Wellness Coaching,

Mother of 3, Chicago, IL

"Lisa is a truly gifted healer.  I had several Energetic Transformations and Healing Touch sessions with her in early 2016 that included chakra tuning, energetic clearing and 1:1 reflections, and each time I walked away feeling palpably lighter, more balanced, and with new clarity on personal and spiritual things going on in my life.  As a healer, a coach, and a person Lisa brings many diverse skills, tools, experiences, and perspectives that I personally appreciate and value and I wouldn't hesitate to send family and friends her way!"

Callan Loo, President and Founder, Intentional Legacies

Ann Arbor, MI

"Lisa Rooney is a gem in the coaching profession.  I trained alongside Lisa and witnessed her natural ability to coach firsthand.  She is an intuitive and compassionate soul who always wants more for her client.  Her demeanor is calming yet alive, and allows you to truly find the answers within and wildly celebrate them when you do.” 

Julie Strzyz, eSpark Media

Omaha, NE

"Lisa was exactly the coach I needed while facing a very difficult time in my parenting.  My 3 year old daughter's tantrums had worn me down and I didn't know what else to do.  After one session with Lisa, she realized the issue and coached me to help my daughter in a completely new way.  Within a month my relationship with my daughter became great.  Lisa was compassionate, knowledge and truly the coach I needed in such a challenging chapter.  She is a talented coach and a gift to parents.” 

Jamie Shapiro, CEO, ConnectedEC Executive Coaching,

Mother of 2, Denver, CO

"I've been amazed at how intuitive and astute Lisa is. Here's something that happened last week: I was talking about where I'm at relative to my work, in a room with several talented coaches who know me much better than Lisa does. After 5 minutes of hearing me talk, she was able to pinpoint exactly what my block was, which had gone unnoticed by the others and has helped me tremendously in moving forward in my business. Even though this happened a week ago, I'm still in awe of her accuracy and the applicability of her comment in creating real moment in my life."

Eliane Sainte-Marie, Founder, Parenting for Wholeness

Chicago, IL

“Lisa and Kelly of Homeopathy Haven are two highly knowledgeable educators with a passion to support and encourage families. Their homeopathy classes are excellent and I have learned so much. I HIGHLY recommend their classes and services.”

Mandi Frost, Academic Life Coach, My Life Coach 360


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