Lisa Rooney is a dynamic coach, gifted healer, and skilled educator that has been helping clients find their passion, heal their wounds, and live fully into their values since 2005.


Lisa helps her clients balance the demands of today’s modern living while gaining the skills to calm their internal chaos, handle parenting and relationship challenges, and overcome deeply held emotional traumas that prevent them from living fully connected to the life they value. 

Lisa has a special talent for working with individuals moving to a holistic lifestyle, looking to bring more energy consciousness into their lives, women whose spouses travel or are frequently  away from home, and for addressing deep emotional trauma, big or small, that are effecting the way you live your life.


She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, and Healing Touch Practitioner and incorporates Energy Psychology principles into her practice. She can blend coaching and healing to liberate you from unconscious programming, activate your inner power, and align your energy so that you can create a deeply connected life.

Additionally, Lisa is a Homeopathic Educator and is dedicated to teaching others how to use homeopathy in their daily lives to uproot acute and chronic illness. 


"Gentle and patient, yet with a firmness that invites you to step into your higher self; working with Lisa is a transformational journey well worth the trip."

Hello Sweet Friend!

Its hard to know where to begin and what to share so hopefully below are a few things that will help you get to know me a little bit better.

For me, life is definitely a journey and one I didn't plan or expect.  I grew up in the military and moved quite frequently.  Its hard to plan when you know eventually you will be leaving. 

In the mid-1990s, my mother passed away. I was 26. I subsequently suffered depression, chronic fatigue and a debilitating Candidiasis diagnosis. I was completely worn out, mentally and physically, and conventional medicine offered no solutions. 

I turned to "alternative medicine" and began to heal. It was a long and slow journey.  Access to quality food, supplements, herbs and homeopathy was limited. I was an outlier among my friends and family; forging an uncharted path. Little did I know that being a outlier was part of my journey.

I would continue that path while raising my children, choosing not to follow conventional ways of parenting and instead adopting a more natural, gentle approach. I followed my intuition, without even knowing that was what I was doing, and learned that others wanted to do the same.

I began building my community by starting a local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network. This is where my confidence grew, I felt known and normal. This became my tribe!  We all need a tribe. My tribe supports me still.

Eventually the deep work had to be done. And I spent time going inward, developing the tools I needed (tools we all need) to get through life's struggles. I found out what I truly value and how to live in line with those values. I became intimate friends with my intuition. I learned how to heal; physically, intuitively, and energetically. And I determined I wanted to help others do the same.

My life is full right now but it hasn't always been.


I've given away pieces of myself to the limiting beliefs I held deep within and to the expectations of others. I've held onto thought patterns and stories that no longer served me. I've lost things I've loved. And I've moved through those things, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not.  Life may not always be easy but it doesn't have to be overwhelming or draining.  I've learned through my experiences and the wisdom of those who have come into my life; my mentors, teachers and friends.  I am still learning.


If there is any part of my journey that can help make yours easier, please reach out.

I hope our paths cross soon.

Love & Friendship,


Certifications & Education

I highly value life long learning, education, and credientials.  I chose the following programs based on the richness of their content and the beauty of their philosophy. The philosophies of these programs represent the core of my work but I am always learning, always studying, and always experiencing new modalities and new techniques to incorporate into my practice.  Click the icon below to learn more about my certifications and continuing education.

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Residential Trainings with Dr. Clarrisa Pinkola Estes, PhD