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Where Did I Lose Myself?

It wasn't as though one morning I woke up and asked, "Where did I go? Who am I now?" No, it was a gradual realization, a slow fading of fragments of myself with each passing phase of life. And suddenly, one day, I found myself wondering, "What happened?"

These thoughts have been occupying my mind lately. I am immensely grateful for the life I lead, filled with beautiful blessings. A healthy family, two amazing children, a loving husband, and a lovely home offer me safety and financial stability. I have the means to pursue things I love.

But amidst all this abundance, there exists a sense of guilt for feeling discontent. We tend to disregard those subtle nudges and instead listen to the voice in our head saying, "What right do you have to be upset? Look at the life you have."

Expressions like "Count your blessings" resonate with us, and indeed, we should acknowledge and appreciate what we have.

Yet, I find myself astonished that there remains a part of us that awakens one day, questioning, "Who am I now? Who do I want to become?"

These are the questions that both my clients and I grapple with. I know that may sound ridiculous. Being a coach and a healer, you may think I’ve already figured out the very things my clients seek me out to help with. But I am human too and I wrestle with these same things. I just have many tools at my disposal to help.

So when I say, “I hear you. I see you. I feel you.”, you know I really do.

During moments of overwhelming emotions, I step back to examine the sources of my stress. Life seems to be moving too swiftly, and we all yearn for a moment of escape. However, I don't advocate seeking an off-grid relocation far away. While that sounds great, it's not practical. Instead, I propose "slowing the flow" to reset. It involves revisiting the things we may have drifted away from.

For me, self-care is the first aspect to slip away. Amidst managing a private coaching practice, a bustling homeopathic education company, and the general busyness of life, I often neglect myself. So, I must pause and question, "What am I doing to stay grounded, balanced, and in harmony with my mind, heart, soul, and spirit?"

These are the topics we will delve into. I yearn for a conversation about this, and I warmly invite you to join me.

Are you in?

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