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Healing & Trauma Release Sessions

A Powerful Healing Experience

Healing & Trauma Release Sessions

Energy healing can help in four areas of your life:

Physically it expedites recovery, decrease pain, promotes balance and increases immunity.
Mentally it assists in gaining deep clarity and helps overcome mental blocks.
Emotionally it improves resilience by helping to release past trauma and settling the emotions.
Spiritually it reconnects you to your intuition, purpose and presence.

By aligning your energy system we are able to release deeply held trauma and beliefs and support your movement to the life you truly desire.

These powerful healing sessions are often accompanied by deep insights. Sessions can be experienced in person at my in-home studio in the Northeast suburbs of Atlanta or through distance healing sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Energy healing is included in the Total Vibrancy Coaching Program, but sometimes a client simply needs healing work to accompany other modalities or therapies they are using.

These sessions are particularly beneficial for FIRST RESPONDERS.

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