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Healing & Trauma Release Sessions

A Powerful Healing Experience

Healing & Trauma Release Sessions

Unlock transformation in four key areas of your life through the profound benefits of energy healing:

Physical Healing: Experience expedited recovery, reduced pain, enhanced balance, and increased immunity.

Mental Clarity: Gain deep insights and overcome mental blocks, fostering mental clarity and growth.

Emotional Resilience: Improve resilience by releasing past trauma and achieving emotional balance.

Spiritual Connection: Reconnect with your intuition, purpose, and present moment, fostering spiritual well-being.

By harmonizing your energy system, we can release deeply held trauma and beliefs, supporting your journey towards the life you truly desire. These impactful healing sessions often come with profound insights.

Sessions can be conducted in person at my in-home studio in the Northeast suburbs of Atlanta or through distance healing sessions in the comfort of your own home.

While energy healing is an integral part of the Total Vibrancy Coaching Program, sometimes a client simply needs healing work to accompany other modalities or therapies they are using.

Aspects of energy healing is included in the Total Vibrancy Coaching Program, but sometimes a client only wants healing work to accompany other modalities or therapies they are using.

These sessions are particularly beneficial for FIRST RESPONDERS.

This package includes:

12 45-minute Healing Sessions scheduled every 2 weeks
Limited Text / Email support in between sessions.

“Its the first time that I can remember my body and my brain being completely still.” -E.D., First Responder, Iraq War Veteran, Small Business Owner

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