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Aligning Your Year Group Coaching

A Unique Small Group Coaching Experience

Are you living your most Vibrant Life? 


Intentionally targeted shifts can mean big changes in the direction you want to live, allowing you to gain clarity over the situations, experiences and people that tend to get in the way of living your most vibrant life.


Join me in this unique small group coaching opportunity as we journey together to explore shifts in our perspectives, interactions and choices in order to make a huge impact on how we live, love and laugh!


Each session we will gather on-line via Zoom to target a specific area in order to have big impact.


How does it work?

We will meet on-line using Zoom, a free video conferencing software that allows us to discuss openly, ask questions, and share ideas.

The program consists of six 75-90-minute sessions.

Target 1: Living your most Vibrant Life

During this month, we will explore incongruences between how you say you want to live and how you are living.  You will learn foundational tools for defining your values, identifying what you are tolerating, and tapping into your true inner wisdom about what is important to you. These simple tools will have one of the greatest impacts on living your most Vibrant Life.

Target 2: Aligning your Year

In month 2 you will learn an easy to use process for planning out our year so that it aligns with your most desired experiences.  This is about the practical planning necessary to stay on track and not lose focus.  We will identify how your year flows, when you need to take breaks (and how to protect them), when and how you get overcommitted. You will learn how to move through life's challenges and off-load non-value add obligations without guilt.  We will also take a hard look at the emotional baggage you carry around and how to "pack lighter".

Target 3: Handling Resistance and Distractions

By now you are making enough shifts that resistance and distractions are coming into play.  When we begin to identify the things we really want and start taking steps to align with them, we often experience resistance to making change. This resistance can be both internal and external and creates a sense of chaos and frustration. We will spend this month identifying your biggest gremlins, how and when they show up and how to calm the chaos of resistance.  By the end of this month, you will have the tools necessary to conquer those things that have been holding you back.

Target 4: The Power of Pause and Reflect

In month 4 we will take a pause and look back at all you’ve learned and the changes you are making.  This is the month that will allow you to take inventory of the journey you are on and make any course corrections needed to ensure you move forward with intention and authenticity.

Target 5: Nurturing Your Wild Side

During month 5 we will focus on tapping into your wild side.  This is all about having fun, finding joy, adventure, and really tapping into what makes life enjoyable.  We will figure out what it means to you, how to make room for it, and how to make it happen!

Target 6: Sustaining Your Journey

Our final month will focus on the rhythm and rituals you can create to sustain your journey, develop your community, and practical tips to maintaining your new found freedom and focus. We will celebrate of the journey you've taken!

When will we meet?

We will meet twice per month for 6 months.

What is my investment?



$1650 paid in full ($275 / month) or $300 / month


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