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Total Vibrancy Coaching & Homeopathic Healing Program

Private Coaching Program with Homeopathic Support (Online or In-person)

Total Vibrancy Coaching & Homeopathic Healing Program

Break free from physical ailments and limiting beliefs, elevate your energy, declutter your mind, and reinvent yourself. In a world of constant change, passive healing is no longer sufficient—I will guide you to be an active and conscious participant in your transformation. You'll learn to cultivate self-love, build resilience, uncover subconscious patterns, and enhance your overall well-being.

Experience profound transformation with my powerful one-on-one program addressing overwhelm, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, trauma, and all your physical ailments.

This in-depth journey focuses on finding your vibe, aligning your energy, and breaking free from the constraints of an overwhelmed life.

My unique approach combines integrative coaching with homeopathy, creating a potent synergy for profound transformation.

My program is for you if you:

- Seek a comprehensive HOLISTIC APPROACH that addresses mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and DEEPLY profound aspects of healing.

- Desire to HEAL the entrenched patterns that keep you stuck and hinder your personal and family relationships.

- Aspire to TRANSITION AWAY from conventional medicine, aiming to uncover the root causes of your issues.

- Experience stress levels that are OUT OF PROPORTION to the circumstances or that just seem never to end.

- Experience persistent WORRY and obsession about yourself, your family, or the world at large.

- Have explored various approaches and tried “ALL THE THINGS” yet still something is missing.

- Feel like you are lacking AGENCY over your life or healing journey and are seeking more EMPOWERMENT.

- Feel a sense of being STUCK in life or healing and are eager to actively transform PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL underlying patterns.

- Desire more than just SYMPTOM RESOLUTION.

How it works:

Homeopathy, a personalized medicine system founded on the law of similars, utilizes highly diluted substances to activate your body's inherent healing capacity, promoting well-being across mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Individualized homeopathic remedies serve as tailored catalysts, operating at the energetic level to liberate you from your ailments. Selected based on your unique symptoms, these remedies address all facets of your being—body, mind, heart, and spirit—regardless of diagnosis.

As homeopathic remedies initiate the release of deeply ingrained patterns, Integrative Coaching amplifies these shifts, fostering ease and flow in healing. Through my phased approach, I will guide you to clarify values, sync with life's rhythm, handle distractions, embrace reflection, nurture fun and joy, heal your traumas, and develop tools for sustainable progress.

This program is distinctive in actively supporting you towards desired change. Addressing every aspect of life, from family and relationships to work-life balance and inner desires, challenges become opportunities for self-reflection and action.

In the first sessions we will delve into the heart of the issue, initiating immediate shifts.

Integrative Coaching + Homeopathy is a truly magical combination for those seeking significant life changes, clarity, accountability, and the commitment to transcend mental, emotional, and physical limitations hindering progress.

Program includes:

12 sessions (45-50 minutes)*
In-depth Homeopathic assessment of your current chronic condition

We will meet 2x monthly. Our first month we will conduct an in-depth homeopathic assessment to determine the best remedies to support your healing as well as identify your main areas of focus for our time together. Utilizing homeopathic remedies as part of your healing journey is foundational part of my work, but is always optional as you are in charge of your healing journey.

*Occasionally clients feel they need to meet with me more than 2x monthly. If this is the case, we will adjust accordingly.

(Sessions can be combination of coaching, healing, teaching, and homeopathic assessments and are held live, via phone, or via zoom.)

“The biggest Ah-Ha moment for me was realizing that none of my relationships up to this moment aligned with my values, so I kept repeating the same patterns over and over. Now I am so crystal clear that I do not hesitate to walk away from someone who does not align with my values. And the process has extended beyond my relationships to my work life too. I just landed my dream job because I was so clear on what I value, the work I want to do and the type of company I want to work in. I could never have done this without Lisa’s help on getting me so clear on the things that matter most to me.” - Ruth V., Single mother of 3, 2x Divorced, Advertising Consultant

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