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TRANSFORMATIVE HEALING through the combination of

Integrative Coaching and Homeopathy



Many of us are feeling the weight of an overwhelming life.

Physical aliments plague us.

Emotional aliments keep us from moving forward.

This overwhelm gives rise to feelings of anxiety, worry, depression, anger and even panic attacks.

Many of us are also carrying fear, grief, and other emotions from recent events or past traumas

that are difficult to resolve and are keeping us stuck. 


Our bodies are burdened by these struggles, manifesting in pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, persistent digestive issues, 

and a range of autoimmune challenges and elusive viruses, making the journey to health seem daunting.

However, there is a path forward.

Through a combination of integrative life coaching, advanced healing techniques, and homeopathic approaches,

I help overwhelmed individuals in cultivating calm amidst chaos and reclaiming their health.

By integrating coaching with homeopathy, a powerful and nurturing synergy is created, catalyzing profound transformation from within.

Together, we strive to establish a space for reflection, focused energy, and the ability to prioritize what truly matters in life, enabling the reduction of anxiety, an increased sense of presence, and the ability to make decisions aligned with your personal values and goals.

I work with:

Overwhelmed Individuals ~ Women in Life Transitions ~ Young Adults

First Responders

I help you with:

Emotional Challenges such as:

Overwhelm ~ Anxiety ~ Fear ~ Trauma ~ Uncertainty ~ Depression

Suppressed Emotions ~ Getting Clear on Your Values ~ Moving Forward

Physical Challenges such as:

Sleep & Insomnia ~ Digestive Issues ~ Eczema ~ Chronic Pain

Chronic Health Challenges ~ Creating Health Independence

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