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"I have been working with Lisa off and on for many years. She is so easy to work with.  She combines many modalities and skills to create a wonderful experience that helps her clients really get to the heart of what they want from life. I love the simplicity of her packages, sometimes I've need both coaching and healing, sometimes I've just needed coaching. The flexibility she applies to them really helped me move through life's challenges and get exactly what I needed when I needed it.  I will always keep Lisa in my favorites list." - Christy

I'm a coach, a teacher, and a healer and I like to use these amazing modalities and gifts to help my clients.

I also like to make things simple and be flexible. 

Some clients simply want to invest in personal coaching or learn through classes and workshops.  

Others simply want to experience the power of energy healing. 

And still others want both. 

I am flexible. 

If you don't find what you need, let me know and we will design a program that works best for you.

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