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Let's design your life the way you want it! A powerful six-month, in-depth, one-on-one program designed to help you find your vibe, align your energy and break free from an overwhelmed life. 


During this program, I will be taking you through a six phase approach to getting clear on your values, aligning with your life's rhythm, handling distractions and resistance, learning the power of pause and reflect, nurturing your wild side, and tools to help you sustain your journey.  We focus on it all: life, family, relationships, parenting, work-life balance, inner name it; we cover it. 


Release your dependency on limiting beliefs, raise your energy, clear the clutter, and reinvent yourself. This package is for those who are really looking to make big changes in their life, want clarity and accountability, and are committed to movement from the limiting beliefs and experiences that are holding them back.

Program includes:

Two 45 minute phone based coaching sessions per month

Limited email support in between sessions


$300 / month

Add on: One 45 minute healing session (live or distance) per month to give yourself that extra boost of energetic support! $75/session

Total Vibrancy Private Monthly Coaching Program

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