Sometimes you just need a quickie pick me up coaching session to get clear on a specific challenge.

Or that much needed phone call with a girlfriend that helps you sort through all the chatter in your head.

Whether is a life concern, a homeopathic strategy*, or just need an unbiased opinion, I'm here for you sister!

Call me, let's book it and get you clear.  


This service is reserved for current clients and students.


If you are a new client, please contact me about a 20 min sample session.

*I am a homeopathic educator, not a registered Homeopath. I do not diagnose or prescribe. The focus of a homeopathic strategy session is to help you hone in on what you have already determined is a good strategy or to decided between different approaches or remedies. Clients must come to the sessions with a homeopathic strategy in mind.  I will help you look up any additional information about the chosen protocols so you can determine your best course of action. I cannot make any guarantees as to the outcomes of the use of homeopathic remedies.

Strategy Session (Current Clients & Students)