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New Year - But Will You Still Be Moving Forward by February?

Updated: Jan 25

Happy New Year!

So my guess is you want more of a lot of things this year?

Maybe it’s more time more fun, more money, more security, healthier and happier relationships, or more opportunities at work.

Or maybe what you want is less.

Less to do

Less distraction

Less worry, less anxiety

Less hurtful people in your life

Less obligation

Less boredom

Me too. The last few years have been soul sucking and exhausting.

This is that time of year when we get real focused on the things we want in our life. But would it surprise you to know that by February, 80% of people abandon their new goals, desires, or resolutions?

I have a theory on this:

Most people abandon their New Year’s goals because they aren’t fully aligned with their core values.

Here’s an example:

One of your new years intentions may be to travel more. You may be saying, “This is the year I am finally going to travel.“ (insert your own desire here). You may even go about planning some trips. But how many times have you said you wanted this, only to get to the end the year having having hardly travelled all?

Why is that?

It’s likely that the “idea” of travel actually represents a deeper yearning in your soul. But travel itself isn’t the way to get there.

Perhaps it’s really freedom that you are desiring. If you don’t feel a sense of agency over areas of your life then you may think that traveling will give you that control. But if traveling isn’t a core value, then you’ll never feel that sense of agency through it.

When you set intentions for the new year, you exponentially increase your chances of achieving them when they are fully aligned with your values. If not, then they just become a list of things that you think are great ideas but you end up abandoning by February.

Let’s not do that this year.

Take the steps now to start identifying your values so that you can actually have and do more of what you really want.

Click the link below to schedule a discovery call to find out how.

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