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A Powerful Healing Experience

Energy Alignment &

Trauma Release Sessions

Energy healing can help in four areas of your life:

Physically it expedites recovery, decrease pain, promotes balance and increases immunity.

Mentally it assists in gaining deep clarity and helps overcome mental blocks.

Emotionally it improves resilience by helping to release past trauma and settling the emotions.

Spiritually it reconnects you to your intuition, purpose and presence.

By aligning your energy system we are able to release deeply held trauma and beliefs and support your movement to the life you truly desire.  


These powerful healing sessions are often accompanied by deep insights. Sessions can be experienced in person at my in-home studio in the Northeast suburbs of Atlanta or through distance healing sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Experience these wonderful sessions as part of the Total Vibrancy Coaching package focused on a combination of coaching and healing or choose a healing only package.

Several healing only options are available:

Ten Session Energetic Alignment:

Ten 45 minute healing sessions.  Each session will focus on healing trauma locked in the body' energy system.  During the block of ten sessions, we will move through each chakra, healing what needs to be healed and opening and balancing the energy centers so that you will feel balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By the end of these sessions, your entire chakra system will feel stronger and you will feel more clear. Sessions involve limited coaching services.

Trauma Release Sessions:  

Emotional and physical trauma often gets locked in our energy system making it difficult to release despite our attempts to do so. Using Energy Psychology techniques, these session is specifically designed to uncover trauma (known or unknown) so that it can be released in a healthy way. Combined with coaching throughout the session, this is a powerful tool for your healing journey. Trauma Release sessions are often longer sessions, giving us the time needed to release and process the insights that come forth. Due to the nature of trauma work, a 6 month commitment is ideal.

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