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A Clear Path to Complete Your Certification Program

Certification Program Support

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Are you looking for a resource to help you get through your homeopathic certification program?

You’re committed to your learning, but life and work keeps getting in the way.

The benefit to you:

  1. Clarifying your goals for completing the program

  2. Creating a road map of accountability actions

  3. Mapping out a plan and establish measurable steps to program completion

  4. Coaching you through any challenges that arise

  5. Creating a vision for after certification, whether you are currently in practice or looking to start one

  6. Weekly Get-it-Done sessions


The explosion of zoom and other online learning programs has opened up the door for each of us to pursue educational opportunities that we might not have had access to before. We can do so from the comfort of our own home. However, asynchronous, streaming and independent study classes are hard to stay on top of because other pressing responsibilities take priority. Sometimes the responsibilities of home and work get in the way and prevent us from prioritizing our classes. 


Would you love to have someone providing a clear pathway for you to work through your program and complete it in a reasonable timeframe?


Lisa will help provide the structure that you are looking for through regularly scheduled coaching sessions to help keep you on track.


Two program options to choose from. Sign up now and jumpstart your learning!



This program is for you if you want individualized coaching or you work better one on one. Sign up for this package if you desire personalized coaching with in-depth discussion and need more flexibility in when you schedule your sessions.


This program is for you if you enjoy group discussions and want the structure of a recurring time slot to help you move forward. Each participant will benefit from group discussions and must be committed to moving through the program with their cohort.

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